About Us

Dr. Bieber and his staff have worked hard to create an inviting, comfortable atmosphere. The waiting room is designed to make one feel at home and comfortable while waiting to be seen. Don’t expect the rows of hard chairs, but several couches and wing-back chairs. A trip to the Ob/Gyn is not a trip to the spa, but you couldn’t tell by looking at our office.

Aside from the warm atmosphere, Dr. Bieber and his staff strive to foster a relationship with patients, which Dr. Bieber believes is essential to good medical care. Whether you are booking your next appointment or having your blood pressure taken, you will be treated like part of the family.

Our Staff

This summer proved to be an exciting and busy time for Dr. Bieber. Not only was he busy moving his family to Central Louisiana, he was also organizing his office. His first priority was to assemble a caring and professional staff who would implement his philosophy on the type of practice he wanted to create. To manage his office, he hired Michelle Lemoine. Michelle, formerly employed by Colfax Banking Company, is very well equipped to handle the business needs for a growing medical practice. He also realized that her organizational skills are invaluable. Next he felt lucky to be able to employ Anita Wright as his nurse and surgical assistant. Anita was employed with Obstetrical and Gynecological Associates for 22 years and offers a wealth of experience and compassion to Dr. Bieber’s patients. Finally, Dr. Bieber selected Candace LaCour to be his receptionist and insurance specialist. Candace’s experience in the elementary school system is helpful with the amount of paper work associated with filing insurance and her winning personality is certainly an asset at the front desk.